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Being accused of a crime is a stressful, frightening, and often confusing experience. It can severely disrupt and derail your entire life. The police, prosecutors, and judges don’t have your best interests at heart. Even friends and family who want to help might give you wrong information or misinformed advice.

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If you are accused of a crime:

  • You need a tough lawyer who will fight for your rights and your freedom.
  • You need a smart lawyer who understands the law and the criminal courts, and who will pursue your case with diligence and strategy.
  • You need a compassionate lawyer who will take time to understand your needs and communicate with you about your case, the legal process, and your options.


I have the skills, experience, and passion that you need in a lawyer.

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My Philosophy

  • I believe that criminal charges are NOT the final word in your life’s story.
  • I believe in understanding your perspective, your concerns, and your goals, because no two clients are the same.
  • I believe in standing up to the government when they accuse you of a crime and try to take your liberty.
  • I believe that diligent and thorough preparation, skillful litigation, and professional negotiation are the key ingredients to obtaining the best outcome for your case.
  • Above all else, I believe in your freedom and your dignity.